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Technical characteristics / Legal

The visualization of the of a coin, includes well 5 cards.

Comprehensive legal technical characteristics of data of purchase, of respect with a comfortable converter of currency through the special icon.

The card also contains the data and the details of the supplier

Artistic characteristics

The card of the artistic characteristics, show the images (or the address web of reference) of the straight, of the reverse, and of a correlated detail to the coin -

Click on the image, the visualization of the same one is gotten to whole screen


In this card, it is possible to insert in the detail different values related to the coin as the circulations for the various years, the shops of mint in which such the coin has been coined etc.

A field description and a field image, completes the performances of the card.

Correlated documents

In this window, instead it is possible to list and to visualize all the correlated documents to the coin.

eg:. Invoice of purchase, card lot, image, web link , etc

Passages of auction

In this window, it is possible to insert and to also visualize in graphic form the passages of auction for the coin which the card belongs

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