Presentation 3 NovitÓ Libri : Monete Commemorative e Celebrative in Lire della Repubblica Italiana

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For every press it is anticipated the selection of max 5 fields to choice of the consumer to stamp.
Export into Excel File

And' possible to export his/her own collections or the results of his/her own searches in a file of Excel.

Before the export, the system asks to the consumer to select the fields to export


In this window, he manages the registry one some suppliers, with possibility to perform searches on all the fields
Currencies - Change

This nice window shows the value to the change of the principal international currencies.

The useful possibility of updating on line of the rate of change with the site web of the European Central Bank, makes this window an essential tool for the one that makes purchases to the foreign countries.

Currently MeBnet is composed of over 20 windows

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