Presentation NovitÓ Libri : Monete Commemorative e Celebrative in Lire della Repubblica Italiana

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Creation of a collection

In this window:
bulletImages: 2 images that represent the "theme" of the collection
bulletDescription: Free text for the description of the collection
bulletModels: Choice of the model to be used for the belonging coins to this collection.
bulletOptional field to use during the press of the card.
bulletWord: Visualization of the printable card on Word document.
Insertion of a Coin (1)

35 modifiable fields through the "personalized models" to describe the technical characteristics / legal and artistic of every coin
Insertion of a Coin (2)

Possibility to insert 3 images to es. Straight, Upside-down, Contour) and link toward resources internet related to the coin in matter.
General View

This is the principal window. Here it is possible to sail among the collections, and to have an immediate vision of the coins in it contained. A preview of the images is furnished also assigned to the collections and the coins. The Toolbar aloft, finally show the value of purchase and the falore esteemed of the selected collection

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