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Extract Collection from your database:

There are two way for extraction of your collection.

After you have click with the right key on the name of the collection, choose the voice Extract.

The following screened, allows to choose the typology of extraction to perform.

 Persona database:

It is a procedure (fast) to extract from own database whole collections or only some categories. The values of all the fields are integrally extracted and produced a file "Personal_namecollection.mdb" that will be positioned in the folder "Personali". In practice it is a solution to fragment own database, separately open it and import it if necessity.

Distributable Database:

The option "Distributable Database" it allows to extract from own database, the data of the collections, the personalized models and all the associated images to the collection to export.

This procedure allows to choose the fields that it is desired to export (to es. the supplier, the price of purchase, etc). then click the button Extract

The result of the extraction, will be positioned in a folder "Name Collection" that is in a parent folder "ESPORTATE".

At this time you can Zip the folder "Name Collection" . The file is ready to be distribuited.

For the publication of the file on the site for the time being it is necessary contact me

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