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In this page, you can download some databases to open or import into MeBnet

Date Collection Author Size
14/09/09 San Marino Lire - Ordinary Coins Cesare 24,2 Mb
08/11/09 50 State Quarter Program (Quarter Dollar with Image) Cesare 6,18 Mb
22/06/09 URSS - 1 Rouble commemorative Coins Cesare 11,1 Mb
11/10/08 Slovacchia ordinary coinage Arcadius 0,86 Mb
11/10/08 USA ordinary coinage from 1776-today Arcadius 10,8 mb
30/09/08 ISLANDA Monete ordinarie Cesare - Dolcepino12 1,87 Mb
08/09/08 Umberto I and colony Eritrea for year with some images Giulio158 3,19 Mb
02/09/08 CROAZIA ordinary coins Arcadius 0,82 Mb
02/09/08 SLOVENIA ordinary coins Arcadius 0,26 Mb
02/09/08 GERMANY ordinary coins Arcadius 6,93
28/07/08 AUSTRIA  monete ordinarie dal 1867 al 2002 completo di immagini Arcadius 10,1 Mb
18/07/08 ALBANIA - ordinary coins and commemorative of the Kingdom Arcadius 2,54 Mb
29/06/2008 DENMARK ordinary coins from 1912 - today Arcadius 2,03 Mb
29/06/2008 ETIOPIA ordinary coins from 1900 - today Arcadius 0,6 Mb
27/02/2008 SPAIN ordinary coins Arcadius 3,57 Mb
17/02/2008 GREECE ordinary coins from 1900 to 2001 Arcadius 3,17 Mb
05/01/2008 SVIZZERA ordinary coins, Silver and Gold coins, from 1850 today Arcadius 2,27 Mb
04/02/2008 Vittorio Emanuele III (group by value, year - no photo) max-gold62 68 Kb
18/01/2008 Bankonote; Italian and foreign, Tickets of State, Miniassegni, False Deus68 31,1 Mb
14/12/2007 Italian Rerpublic (Lire) Cesare 1,3 Mb
08/12/2007 Serie divisionali in lire FDC Repubblica Italiana Cesare 1,09 Mb
08/12/2007 Roman Coins Cesare 13,5 Mb
08/12/2007 Commemorative Argentee in Lire della Repubblica Italiana Cesare 0,9 Mb
08/12/2007 Marenghi Cesare 16 Mb
21/02/2011 monete argentee commemorative in Lire della Repubblica di San Marino Rocco Patano 0,75 Mb

Instructions to visualize or import the database::

After having unloaded the file (Zip), extract the content in an any position of the your disk. (Personally I prefer to create a folder inside which I insert the whole database unloaded)

The file zip, contains a principal briefcase "Name Collection" inside which is the real database and all the folder that contain the images and the personalized Models.

To this point it is enough to launchMeBnet 1.03 and through the men¨ Database, to select the voice "Open", then select the folder "Name Collction" and select the file "Name Collection.mdb".

With the function "Import" it is possible integrate the database unloaded in your own database of default besides (Monete.mdb)

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